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 We are pleased to announce that Adele's memorial fund has now helped 92 children, young people and their families to date [December 2019]. Over £50,000 has been given in cash gifts.
Some of the grants have helped to enable a number of families to enjoy special days out or to have a much needed family holiday together.
Other grants have enabled the child or young person to purchase a specific wished for item such as a laptop or a digital camera that was purchased to enable the family to collect memories.
We have also provided a grant to enable a family to purchase a set of mounted prints of their childs hands.
Other grants have been given to help towards the cost of special days such as: a wedding day for a young person before she became too ill: an advanced 18th birthday party : for a family to make what may be their childs last christmas extra special.

Below are stories that some of the parents kindly given us permission to print after their children passed away.
We hope they give some idea of where the money goes and how the grants have helped and show that sometimes its the little things that matter most

Below is a testiment from the mother of Henry Dancer - Jane Nattrass. Henry Died of osteosarcoma at the age of 12

A lively and bright lad, Henry didn’t “fit” into “normal” cars or taxis which presented a serious challenge at a difficult time. His family would have been unable to go out at all with him unless they were able to pay for cabs or minibuses with not only disabled access, but the capacity to fit a wheelchair and a leg stuck out at 90 degrees to Henry’s body due to his surgery for Osteosarcoma. This was at a time when the family were extremely stretched financially: a common situation for families of children with cancer.

Henry always loved his food. His Mum well remembers how Adele's fund meant that they could go to his favourite Chinese Restaurant (as an example this would cost £150+ for a bus which could accommodate H's chair and needs). This meant, and still means, so much to us all. The whole family have very happy memories of his delight at shoveling down food on 2 occasions - a rare sight!!
Adele's Memorial Fund helped Henry and the lovely memory will live on forever. It's also inspired Henry's family to set up the "Henry Dancer Days" charity- specifically to support young people who struggle with transport during hard times of Osteosarcoma.

Jessica Harrison, aged 6, and her family were the first to recieve funding from Adele's memorial fund towards a special treat for Jessica who is currently undergoing treatment for a relapsed Wilms tumour .
We arranged for Jessica and her family to visit Tottenhams training ground so she could meet the players, they then went to London to see the Lion King.
Jessica's' mam Karen said ' the smile never left her face.'


In May 2011 the charity gave its 44th grant. The recipient was Sammy Shepherd.
His mother and father have said -
"Our son, Sammy, was diagnosed with metastatic medullablastoma in January 2005 aged 13. He became severely visually disabled and became largely unable to walk unaided due to severe ataxia. As a result of treatment he also became quite deaf. Despite all these disabilities, Sammy loves life and tries to enjoy it to the full. In July 2010, the tumour relapsed and following chemotherapy, Sammy collapsed in a coma. After 12 days in intensive care during which time he was not expected to survive, he did just that. He has been quite poorly at times since then but also had a zest for life and a will to survive. We have now been told that the cancer has metastasised outside the nervous system and cannot now be cured. Sammy is aware that he is terminally ill yet looks forward to each day. Your cheque will help us improve the quality of Sammy's life by giving him gifts (such as a guitar) and taking him on trips where he can enjoy life to the full.

In May 2012 we gave out our 50th Grant to Jodie Hodgson
I would just like to say a massive thank you for the generous gift i have just received in the post from yourself. My daughter jodie has been having treatment since april last year for a rabdomysarcoma in her cheek bone but unfortunatly it as spread to her bones. She managed to complete her A levels at school and was given a place at university to do primary school teaching but thats when we were told the dreadful news. Shes an amazing girls has so many plans of which we have been to italy for a weeks holiday and just returned from centre parcs activity weekend but mostly she enjoy days and picnics away with her sister her family and boyfriend she is very close to. This gift will enable us to have some fantastic days together.
Thank you so much again for your help
lots of love
sue mark megan and jodie hodgson

Who we've helped

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